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Endangering a child as per the laws of Texas

There are several laws related to the protection of children. Every state provides every kind of protection to the children. Likewise, the laws of Texas have clearly stated the ways in which every child needs to be protected against any harms. If you are the one who has been accused of endangering a child, you need to consider the services of a professional lawyer to get out of it. It is better to make yourself aware of the issues and seriousness of these charges. A person who is accused of this offense must have to spend some time in jail with the fine.

Endangering or abandoning a child:

As it is explained above, endangering or abandoning a child is prohibited with the Texas. The offense is considered to be of felony level. However, it must be noted here that without enough proofs and other material, it will be quite difficult for you to exempt from the charges. This is why the services of a professional lawyer will help.

According to the law of Texas, abandoning or endangering a child can be a state jail felony for which a person has to spend minimum 6 months into jail. The imprisonment can also be extended to 2 years. The offense can also be considered as a second-degree felony depending upon the factors for which a person has to spend 2 to 20 years into the jail.

As far as the endangerment of a child is concerned, there are several situations that can be included in it. For example, if a person leaves a child without supervision at a place that can be harmful to them, it will be considered as an offense. Likewise, if children are left alone in the house and they are quite young due to which they are unable to take care of them, it will be considered as an offense. If a police officer or a person in authority catches a child in this state, the guardians will be charged at that every moment. Leaving your child behind in the car especially in summers will also come under this law.

The charges will be considered true if it is proved that a person has left a child with the age under 15 alone in a situation where they cannot take care of themselves or in a situation that can be harmful to them in certain ways. These harms can be proven through documents of bodily injury, physical or mental impairment.

Apart from the above-mentioned situations, the surroundings can also play a major role in determining whether it is a case of endangerment or not. As per the law, if a child is present in a situation where drugs are being produced, it will be considered as the endangered situation for a child. That specified person will be charged as per the rules of the laws.