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Injury to a child in the light of Texas laws

Harming any child in any way is not allowed as per the laws of Texas. Also, if it is done with the intention to do that, a person will have to face serious consequences for this. The legal system is specifically designed in a way that it protects the rights of a child first. This is why; the possible offender will be treated as a criminal. 

As far as the injury to a child is concerned, all the details of the law are explained under the Texas penal code 22.04. The points that should be proven by the attorney are also stated in the laws. As per the law of Texas, a person will be considered as guilty of injuring a child in the following situations:

  • Knowingly act or by omission
  • Intentionally act or by omission
  • With criminal negligence acts
  • Recklessly acts or by omission

As a result of the above, a child has the face the following:

  • Any kind of body injury
  • Serious kinds of bodily injuries
  • Any kind of serious mental deficiency, injury or impairment

Apart from that, there are also some specified definitions that can be used to explain the penal code of Texas to highlight the issues of injuring a child. These terms and explanations play an important role in showing a person guilty or non-guilty. This will further save them from the punishment and fine.

Abandonment of a child as per Texas laws:

As per the laws of Texas laws, it is prohibited to abandon a child for unreasonable reasons. This will be a punishable offense if that person has the custody and control of that child as per the laws. A child can be abandoned at a place or in a situation that may risk their safety. This offense is considered as a felony in the Texas. However, the degree of this felony will depend on several factors. Other details will be explained from the following points:

  • State jail felony: It will be considered as a state jail felony if a person will abandon a child with intent to return it to the required people.
  • Second-degree felony: Abandoning a child will be considered as a second-degree felony if a person will abandon them at a place or in a situation that can be considered as harmful to the child. This harmful situation can also include the danger of death, bodily injury or mental disturbance.
  • Third-degree felony: The act will be considered as a third-degree felony if a person abandons a child with the intention of not giving them back.

In any of the above-mentioned situations, a person or the offender has to face a lot of serious consequences. These will come in the form of imprisonment and fine.