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SR-22 Insurance

As a vehicle owner or operator and an intending owner or operator, it is required to get an SR-22 financial responsibility form to get an occupational driver’s license in the state of Texas. The question that comes to your mind is what do you need an occupational driver’s license for? It is essential to get an occupational driver’s license in order to drive legally if your license has been suspended. An SR-22 form or vehicle insurance ensures that you maintain insurance throughout the time you drive with an occupational license.

Individuals charged with a DWI Texas often face severe penalties such as prison sentence or heavy fines and additional penalties that range from license suspension, installation of an ignition device, surcharges and mandatory requirement to file an SR- 22 insurance certificate form for several years. The importance of this form is to demonstrate the intent of financial responsibility after an accident with an offender and certain convictions or judgments against an offender that can increase the cost of vehicle insurance.

A DWI offense is not the only requirement for the filing of SR- 22 forms. Other common reasons include:

  • Any or all conviction that can result in driving safety responsibility
  • A driver can file for an SR-22 form if he is not satisfied with his DWI judgment
  • A Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Situations whereby a driver has been charged with an offense after driving without valid insurance
  • The driver is receiving an administrative license suspension.


Drivers must know that getting the SR-22 form through an insurer is not always possible, so they might want to consider obtaining an SR-22 from some other source. It can be done, but there is a risk that you could experience unwanted consequences if you do not go about trying to obtain it properly. The best method when obtaining an SR-22 is to get it on a non-owner’s or operator’s policy and not on the owner’s plan for the vehicle that you drive. If you obtain an SR-22 form on an owner’s plan from a secondary source, that new owner’s policy will cancel your regular policy because duplicate coverage is not permitted under Texas law.

Obtaining an occupational or essential need driver’s license will help you to keep your job, take care of your home and family, or get to school. Texas experienced and competent defense attorney can help you pursue these licenses and build an aggressive DUI defense that is designed to obtain the best possible result under the circumstances. Attorney Carl David Ceder will help you fight your SR-22 filing requirements, help you reinstate your license or apply for an occupational driver’s license.

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