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Texas laws about unlawful carrying of a weapon

Laws are one of the essential components of every society. They are the ones that keep a society in a balanced position. In the absence of laws, the concept of a society with the required equilibrium becomes impossible. This is why laws are created that guides every single person of the society about the right ways to live a life. Due to these laws, we have stability around us. However, apart from other laws, a person is not allowed to carry a weapon without legal permission.

Law of carrying a weapon:

Like all other areas of the world, there are laws in Texas due to which no one is allowed to use or have a weapon with the permission of the government. The section in which all the details are explained is Texas penal code 46.02. As stated in the law, it is illegal to carry a gun or a weapon intentionally, recklessly and knowingly. There are three different terms used in the law i.e. handgun, club, and illegal knife.

  • Handgun: A handgun is a term that refers to a firearm. It is specifically designed and created to fire with the use of one hand only. The laws related to the use of handgun are described in detail in the Texas penal code 46.01. Other types of weapons are also explained in within this section.
  • Club: Club is a term that refers to an instrument that is designed, made or adapted with the intention to do serious body harms or injuries to other people. With the use of this instrument, the death of a person can also be caused. This death can be caused due to striking a person with this specified instrument. The term club also includes weapons like night stick, black jack, tomahawk, and mace.
  • Illegal knife: Another term that refers to a specified type of weapon which can be used to harm a person. The illegal knife includes several weapons who has a blade installed in the. This may include a knife with a blade of more than five inches or one and a half inches. Other hand instruments that are specifically designed to cut or stab people come under the same term. Harm can be done by throwing or dragging the weapon. It will also include stiletto, dirk, bowie knife, sword, spear, and poniard.

As explained in detail within the law, a person who is carrying any weapon that comes under the categories explained above is responsible for the act. This is the situation when a weapon is carried with intention in any situation. A person can have it around a car or a watercraft which belong to them or not. Carrying of these weapons is prohibited until and unless the other person is able to provide legal evidence for this.